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  1. The Benefits of Healthcare Kiosks

    Expand Your Healthcare Capabilities With Kiosks Healthcare kiosk opportunities have come a long way since the implementation of blood pressure monitors in your local pharmacy. As technology advances, more and more options have become available that can help to streamline the heal…Read More

  2. Types of Kiosks You Should Know About

    Kiosks Provide Businesses With Next-Level Service More and more, businesses all over the world are utilizing kiosks in their service plans to better serve their customers. Kiosks are able to replace or supplement services that traditionally have been carried out manually, or can …Read More

  3. 6 Ways to Attract Customers to Your Kiosks

    The Path of Least Resistance There are several simple yet effective methods that you and your business can utilize to draw customers to use your kiosks. All of these methods, however, boil down to one basic premise— provide your clientele with the path of least resistance to th…Read More

  4. There Are Easier Ways to Solve Your Kiosk Headaches

    In many business sectors, kiosks offer a great way for customers to interact with you, your business, your services, and your products. Kiosks can be used for everything from making reservations to ordering products. They’re useful as information centers, where customers can go…Read More

  5. 5 Minimum Security Features Every Kiosk Should Have

    Cybersecurity is a growing threat across all types of devices, and your kiosk is no exception. Any electronic device that has internet connectivity is vulnerable to being hacked by a remote user or manipulated by an on-site user. If that happens to you, the results can range from…Read More