Our company, Site Services Now, offers you the kiosk installation, maintenance, and repair solutions you need to keep your business going. We specialize in repairing any type of touch-screen kiosk, and our knowledgeable technicians are also able to handle any custom kiosk tasks you need taken care of. We understand that your customers rely on your self-service kiosks for their purchase interactions, and you rely on functioning kiosks for your business to keep making profits for you. Any interruption in service can be detrimental. So if you need any type of kiosk solutions for your retail, tourism, or other commercial sectors, give Site Services Now a call. We are here to help you!

  1. Five Industries That Depend on Self-Service Kiosks

    Since their debut, self-service kiosks have changed the way that many businesses operate. Movie theatres adopted them to speed up the ticket purchasing process, visitors centers relied on them to relay important information, and some employees started and finished their days with…Read More

  2. Three Ways Kiosks Can Drive Organizational Improvements

    Across all industries, businesses rely on both employee and customer feedback to streamline their processes and improve the services they provide. However, sourcing reliable information about customer and worker experiences is less than ideal. Using Kiosks to conduct employee, ve…Read More

  3. More than Repairs — Kiosk Servicing Done Right

    So, you recently added a kiosk (or multiple kiosks) to your business. Congratulations! No matter your industry, this new piece of equipment will bring unprecedented convenience to your day-to-day operations. That is, as long as everything runs smoothly. The reality is, kiosks, li…Read More

  4. Three Ways Kiosk Services can Help your Restaurant

    COVID-19 has drastically changed many aspects of business and daily life, but few areas have been affected to the extent that the food and beverage industry has. As consumers continue to value the services provided by restaurants and fast food chains, businesses are forced to ada…Read More

  5. The Benefits of Healthcare Kiosks

    Expand Your Healthcare Capabilities With Kiosks Healthcare kiosk opportunities have come a long way since the implementation of blood pressure monitors in your local pharmacy. As technology advances, more and more options have become available that can help to streamline the heal…Read More

  6. Types of Kiosks You Should Know About

    Kiosks Provide Businesses With Next-Level Service More and more, businesses all over the world are utilizing kiosks in their service plans to better serve their customers. Kiosks are able to replace or supplement services that traditionally have been carried out manually, or can …Read More

  7. 6 Ways to Attract Customers to Your Kiosks

    The Path of Least Resistance There are several simple yet effective methods that you and your business can utilize to draw customers to use your kiosks. All of these methods, however, boil down to one basic premise— provide your clientele with the path of least resistance to th…Read More