Across all industries, businesses rely on both employee and customer feedback to streamline their processes and improve the services they provide. However, sourcing reliable information about customer and worker experiences is less than ideal. Using Kiosks to conduct employee, vendor, and customer surveys is an effective way to close this gap and receive valuable feedback that can improve your business.

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1. Get More Feedback

Your business does its job well, but let’s face it — you aren’t likely to receive customer feedback unless something goes exceptionally well, or very poorly. Sure, you could ask your employees to end customer interactions by reminding them (or asking them) to leave a review about their experience, but that can feel like you are giving the customer a homework assignment, which can diminish the luster of great customer service. 

However, it takes consistent customer input to ensure that you are meeting and exceeding the  expectations that you and your clients have for your business. Installing kiosks on-site opens up new and plentiful sources of customer feedback. Survey software can be easily uploaded to your interactive kiosk, so that customers can answer questions about their experience while they are at your place of business. For businesses that require customers to wait, such as auto shops, doctors offices, and restaurants, this also gives customers a new way to engage with your business before their service starts, which provides you with valuable opportunities to solicit useful customer and demographic information.

2. Get More Accurate Feedback

While some customers, employees, and vendors are very apt at communicating their thoughts and experiences with your business, there are a number of factors that can stand in the way of getting accurate and useful information.




    • For customers – When approached by one of your employees, the majority of your customers will not be able to fully articulate their thoughts about the experience they just had with your business.  After all, these interactions are usually very short, or very long, rambling, and unscripted. Providing customers with a simple and intuitive survey via a kiosk gives your customers a chance to think and provide you with feedback that is reflective of their experience. 
    • For Vendors If you rely on a large network of vendors or contractors to execute your business, providing them with a few on-site kiosks with vendor survey software allows them to quickly provide feedback and information that can streamline your processes and improve your partnerships. Maintaining and improving processes with your vendorsis essential to building long and successful business partnerships. 
    • For Employees – Survey kiosks can help by separating the politics of employee relationships from raw, unabridged feedback. As the administrator, you can control the confidentiality settings of all the feedback imputed into each survey, so your workers can provide confidential feedback, or share information with you to start a constructive conversation. By setting up survey kiosks at your business, you provide employees with a safe and effective way to share their ideas, concerns, and experiences. Employees can input info into these kiosks at any time, but asking all employees to input feedback once a month is an effective way to drive positive change for your business.

3. Make Your Feedback Actionable 

By simplifying the customer, employee, and vendor-feedback process, survey kiosks provide business owners with actionable insights to improve their processes. Using manual, antiquated methods of sourcing cust

omer feedback simply does not compare.

Picture this — an employee of yours approaches a customer and asks them about their experience. The customer may be caught off guard and gives a brief answer to try to end the conversation quickly. After that, your employee will take this scarce feedback and record it in your computer or via pen and paper. Then, they appropriately name the document and file it away — but not before stopping to help another customer who has entered your business before they finished the task. After their next interaction, they try hard to remember the important details of the first customer’s feedback, and finally, stuff it in a file cabinet. 

Keeping in mind that the customer’s input may not have been valid or useful in the first place, this is not the type of feedback process that drives effective, organizational change. Using kiosks to survey your customers, vendors, and employees about their experiences allows you to exact targeted information that can help you improve your relationships with the people that keep yo

ur business running. It also helps you keep all of this information organized and easily accessible, so you can keep track of the progress and improvements you have made. 

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