Site Services Now’s products and services are used in over 100,000 annual site visits. Our team has managed site services ranging from a few standalone emergency repair visits to over 4,000 on-site projects for a single client.

Site Services Now provides a single, convenient solution for all your kiosk and automated retail equipment. We work with manufacturers and owners to provide you with one central location where you can get the services that will make the deployment of your kiosks as seamless as possible from start to finish. Whether it’s deployment planning, site and machine preparation, product launch, preventative maintenance, break-fix repair, and miscellaneous on-site projects, Site Services Now can manage a single project or the entire machine life cycle for each of your interactive kiosks. These are the services we provide to our clients:

  • Field Service Management – Site Services Now has experienced project managers to handle planning, deployment, installation, and ongoing support and maintenance of your kiosks or automated retail machines. Our Field Service Program is extremely versatile and allows you to scale faster, get hassle-free service for your kiosk machines, and retain more profits.
  • Third-party Logistics (3PL) – Site Services Now provides integrated operations, warehousing, and transportation services, which can be scaled and customized to your program needs. These services can go beyond logistics and include value-added services such as site preparation, installation, break/fix, and ongoing maintenance programs.
  • Site Surveys – Site Services Now can provide pre-installation site surveys and site preparation to speed up delivery and implementation times for your kiosk. We ensure that there is adequate space and power at the proposed installation site. Plus, we can provide pictures, measurements, diagrams, and on-site management signatures to give you even more insight into the feasibility of a kiosk installation site. All the data is captured in real-time through our mobile application and delivered to you in a cloud-based client portal.
  • Installation Service – Site Services Now has a national network of trained kiosk installation technicians who can provide comprehensive installation services. From plug-and-play to securing a unit to concrete or mounting to a wall, we can provide a wide variety of installation services.
  • Preventative Maintenance Site Services Now can perform regular preventative maintenance visits to help prevent downtime and reduce the number of field service calls required for your kiosk or other equipment.
  • On-Demand Break/Fix – If your kiosk or automated retail unit needs on-demand repair service, Site Services Now’s field service technical team can provide a range of repair solutions. We document all service and repair calls with our mobile app and give you real-time access to the information via a custom cloud-based portal.
  • Call Center & Technical Support – Site Services Now can provide custom call center solutions to handle all support calls, field tech questions, and remote diagnostics for your project or program.
  • Compliance Audits – Site Services Now provides third-party compliance audits to ensure that your in-house service program is performing the way it was designed to. We work with you to create a custom set of data metrics, and our field team documents them onsite through our mobile app. All the data is delivered to you in real-time to a cloud-based client portal. We help ensure your program is compliant so you can maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Complete Service Solution!

Do you have a new or existing kiosk program that you want to deploy but don’t have anyone to service the network? From surveying potential sites, to shipping, to unpacking and setting up equipment, to ongoing preventative maintenance and fixing a kiosk when it breaks down, Site Services Now can manage your entire service department through our talented field service technicians.