If you’re a company that makes use of kiosk machine technology for any reason, whether it’s an information kiosk, a food or retail kiosk, or any other type of interactive machines, we want you to know that the technicians at Site Services Now specialize in providing the service you need to keep your kiosks operating without interruption. We can also send specialists out to your company or kiosk location for emergency field service and repairs. What’s more, we will help you with any new kiosk installation and set-up tasks. Do you need kiosk service right away? Get in touch with us! Our customer service department is ready to assist you. Give us a call today!

  1. More than Repairs — Kiosk Servicing Done Right

    So, you recently added a kiosk (or multiple kiosks) to your business. Congratulations! No matter your industry, this new piece of equipment will bring unprecedented convenience to your day-to-day operations. That is, as long as everything runs smoothly. The reality is, kiosks, li…Read More

  2. Three Ways Kiosk Services can Help your Restaurant

    COVID-19 has drastically changed many aspects of business and daily life, but few areas have been affected to the extent that the food and beverage industry has. As consumers continue to value the services provided by restaurants and fast food chains, businesses are forced to ada…Read More

  3. The Benefits of Healthcare Kiosks

    Expand Your Healthcare Capabilities With Kiosks Healthcare kiosk opportunities have come a long way since the implementation of blood pressure monitors in your local pharmacy. As technology advances, more and more options have become available that can help to streamline the heal…Read More

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    Some Of The Top Features Of Today’s Kiosk Machines

    If kiosks make up an integral part of your business, you already know that they can help you and your customers in numerous ways. These are just a few of the benefits of having a kiosk available for your clients to interact with: Transaction Ease: A kiosk can vastly simplify the …Read More

  5. What You Should Know About Kiosk Deployment

    Deploying a kiosk is an exciting adventure, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. However, even when you have many successfully-deployed kiosks under your belt, you’ll still realize that there are many challenges and obstacles that you have to navigate successfull…Read More

  6. 3 Myths About Site Service Management For Kiosks

    If you have had kiosks deployed in the field for any amount of time, you will undoubtedly have run into the need for site service management. Every kiosk needs repair, maintenance, and service from time to time, and whether it is a simple issue like replacing the paper in your ki…Read More

  7. Service Needs Your Kiosk Will Have During Its Life

    Every kiosk and automated retail machine will have service needs at several main points in its existence. Your kiosk is an incredibly valuable employee, doing its job day after day without food, drink, or pay, but it’s not indestructible or immortal. It’s just a fact that peo…Read More