Expand Your Healthcare Capabilities With Kiosks

Healthcare kiosk opportunities have come a long way since the implementation of blood pressure monitors in your local pharmacy. As technology advances, more and more options have become available that can help to streamline the healthcare process and provide meaningful patient care across the board. We’d like to explore some of the possibilities that can be afforded to your healthcare facility when you implement a self-service kiosk for patient use.

Typical Helpful Kiosk Features

There are many kiosks available today that are specifically designed to assist in the health and medical field. Many of these kiosks come equipped with features that make the patient experience faster and more convenient.

Medial kiosks can easily interface with a healthcare facility’s records, making check-in and check-out procedures simple and easy to manage. Kiosks can be equipped with a touch screen or a simple keyboard, whichever makes the most sense for its intended use, and can include a printer for creating patient tickets and scanners for ID purposes. Additionally, kiosks can be standalone units or mounted to a wall to make the best use of space.

Increased Functionality

The functionality that is afforded to healthcare facilities by implementing a kiosk system goes beyond just speeding up the check-in/check-out process. Kiosks can be used in many of these helpful ways:

  • Setting up an appointment for a future date
  • Ability to complete patient forms without the need to use paper, saving money by keeping digital records
  • Checking for patient insurance and making sure it is up to date
  • The ability to conduct patient surveys and gather information to improve the patient experience
  • Providing a simple interface for conducting payment transactions
  • Kiosks can act as an education resource, providing helpful information to patients
  • Providing a place for patients to pay for outstanding bills

This technology continues to be innovative, and new ways to implement kiosk systems will continue to become apparent. Kiosks can serve as a digital library, with video resources and other informational content. Information collected from kiosks can be sent directly to your healthcare provider, further speeding up the appointment process. Of course, the tried and true traditional blood pressure and heart rate monitoring capabilities of kiosks is still a valuable feature.

Reduced Costs and Wait Times Across the Board

In a world where it is more and more important that companies strive to think economically and responsibly, going paperless with kiosk functions can be a huge money-saver. Switching to a primarily digital data collection system will save your healthcare facility on the cost of paper, ink, printers, and the time that it takes to transfer physical data into digital. The less time that is being taken up performing a task that could be done by an automated kiosk, the more time is available for healthcare workers to spend with patients providing excellent care.

The time that patients normally spend waiting can become time that important data collection is being performed. This will take more work off of healthcare professionals’ plates and allow them to better serve their patients, and in a more timely manner. Those idle minutes can become a time that something productive is being accomplished, allowing for more patients to be processed. 

Patients are also far less likely to accidentally misspell their own information, such as unique last names or street addresses, reducing the likelihood that a typo will cause a disruption in quality healthcare service. 

Promotes Patient Engagement in Healthcare

The use of a kiosk system can help a patient to feel like they are much more involved in their own healthcare process. You can also rest assured that the information that patients are receiving from this electronic resource is valid and valuable, since you’re the one providing the information. WebMD can only go so far when providing patient care, and having information that is tailored specifically to your patients will go a long way towards developing patient trust in your network.

Kiosks can also help patients that otherwise may not have access to normal healthcare procedures or need access to accurate healthcare information outside of standard clinic hours. Remote kiosks that are accessible to patients with chronic conditions can be immensely helpful when it comes to providing quality care to as many patients as possible. 

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