Since their debut, self-service kiosks have changed the way that many businesses operate. Movie theatres adopted them to speed up the ticket purchasing process, visitors centers relied on them to relay important information, and some employees started and finished their days with them, clocking in and out after a long day’s work. 

Today, self-service kiosks continue to help businesses, governments, and other organizations streamline their operations and save on costs. Here are nine crucial industries that utilize self-service kiosks.

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1. Banking

If there’s an industry that’s all about the details, it’s the banking industry; and the amount of savings promised by self-service kiosks was too good to ignore. For simple transactions like withdrawals, transfers, and deposits, adding even one or two of these kiosks allowed banks to lighten their workload — and the amount of money they spent on employees — dramatically.

2. Healthcare 

Doctors offices, surgery clinics, pharmacies, and health centers across the world regularly use self-service kiosks to check-in patients, administer questionnaires, and gather important payment and insurance information. While these kiosks generally speed up the appointment process, they also allow patients to take their time, and can be preferable for those who experience high-levels of stress or social anxiety at medical offices.


3. Manufacturing 

On top of their previously mentioned use as digital timecards, self-service kiosks have a range of applications in all types of manufacturing environments. They can be used to track important task data and quality-control information, used to file project feedback, issues, and reports, or strategically positioned to serve as emergency alert systems on the production-floor. No matter the product, there’s one thing that all manufacturing operations have in common: every second matters. Self-service kiosks can help support high-levels of efficiency, accountability, and quality. 

4. Government

From post offices to DMVs, self-service kiosks have long been used to handle the high-volume of foot-traffic and appointments that government agencies face every day. They aren’t only used to move customers through the waitlist, however. Many places allow patrons to look up important information, complete registration and licensing processes, and pay off tickets or other outstanding balances. The essential services provided by government agencies can’t be put on hold. When they need support for their kiosks, all they need to do is call a reliable kiosk servicing provider.

5. Education 

Many early education centers and elementary schools post self service kiosks at major entrances and exits, where guests are required to sign in. These registrations are instantly checked against a predetermined visitor checklist, and kiosks can send an alert, and in some cases, lock the corresponding door, if an unauthorized person attempts to enter. Universities use self-service kiosks en masse. Students may use these machines to print new room keys for their dorm, request and print transcripts, interact with exhibits, and more. 

Self Service Kiosks have revolutionized the daily operations of businesses and agencies across all industries. From banking and healthcare, to manufacturing, government, and education, these kiosks, when properly installed and serviced, can make a positive impact on organizations and the people they serve. 

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