1. Why Your Kiosk Needs Ongoing Support and Maintenance

    If your company has deployed kiosks, automated retail machines, or other customer-facing equipment for sales or dispensing information, you know what an arduous process it is to go from concept to execution. All along the way, you have striven to keep costs low in every category:…Read More

  2. Solving the Puzzle of Route Logistics In Site Management

    When you have deployed multiple kiosks across many different locations, either in one region or scattered far and wide geographically, one of the things that presents a puzzle is the ability to make efficient visits from site to site. Whether you need to visit the site to make re…Read More

  3. Solutions for Kiosk Manufacturers

    When you manufacture kiosks, automatic retail equipment, or other point-of-sale solutions, your commitment to your clients runs deep. You are there to deliver excellent quality, and you know how to make kiosks that delight both your customers and their customers. However, your cl…Read More

  4. Finding a Kiosk Technician

    Kiosks and automated retail machines come with a variety of technical needs. From the day that the machine leaves the factory floor until the day that it is finally retired, there will be a multitude of needs that require a technician’s attention. These needs range from the ini…Read More

  5. Service Needs Your Kiosk Will Have During Its Life

    Every kiosk and automated retail machine will have service needs at several main points in its existence. Your kiosk is an incredibly valuable employee, doing its job day after day without food, drink, or pay, but it’s not indestructible or immortal. It’s just a fact that peo…Read More

  6. Maximize Profit and Minimize Headaches with Your Kiosk

    If you’re running a kiosk business, your idea of success is probably not to spend all your time chasing down solutions and putting out fires. After all, the beauty of a kiosk business is that it lets you avoid some of the headaches that typically come with a brick-and-mortar st…Read More