Maintain A Professional Image Always

You have kiosks for several reasons. They enhance your customer’s user experience, creating a convenient way for them to access information about your business or brand through an interactive machine. They let you share important information about your products or services, enable your customers to place orders and make purchases, and offer a way to provide customer service without having to spend more than you’re comfortable spending on hiring and training employees.

Kiosks let you personalize your message to your clientele. They provide a means for you to create and share details with minimal effort on your part; create your message once, then conveniently share it with everyone an unlimited number of times through every kiosk interaction. If you need to quickly change your message to announce a last-minute event or promotion, you can do so easily from your computer or mobile device.

With so many conveniences, it’s no wonder that more and more businesses are automating their customer interactions via self-service kiosks. However, a kiosk that’s poorly configured or that malfunctions frequently can damage your reputation. To avoid making a poor impression on your customers, make sure you don’t make the following common kiosk mistakes.

Mistake #1: Improper Installation

Many businesses are quick to purchase self-service and touch-screen kiosks, but they then fail to take the time required to properly install them. What happens is that the tasks become overly complicated, or the installer runs into an obstacle that feels insurmountable and gives up. The result is a kiosk that hasn’t been properly installed, leading to limited functionality and a disappointing user experience.

At Site Service Now, we understand that every kiosk is different, and that not every business has the technical know-how in-house to flawlessly install and configure a new kiosk. We have often had to respond to emergency calls from frustrated business owners and managers who are practically pulling their hair out in angst trying to follow limited or incomplete documentation to install and run a new self-service kiosk. Since our technicians have the right background and training to configure any automated, interactive machine out in the field, we have saved numerous businesses time, money, and their very reputations by responding quickly to complete kiosk installations that had been left only partially done.

To avoid poor installations, we recommend that you consider working with a company like ours that focuses on installation, bringup, maintenance, and service of all types of kiosk systems. With a poorly installed kiosk, your very reputation and business success are on the line. Instead of taking chances and trying to save a few bucks, hire a reputable company to get the job done for you the right way.

Mistake #2: Poor User Experience

Another common mistake is creating a poor user experience. Getting new technology just for the sake of having a new toy for your customers to play with will backfire if your electronic novelty turns out to be too hard to use, or if it fails to provide the results you intend to deliver and your customer expects. Be sure the kiosk and accompanying software you purchase is user-friendly.

Mistake #3: Frequent Downtime

As far as consumers are concerned, there’s very little that’s more frustrating than walking up to a machine to make a purchase or get information, only to discover that it’s not working. Even worse is having the kiosk stop working right in the middle of a transaction! Kiosks that are frequently down will tarnish your reputation. Make sure to have them maintained regularly to avoid these disappointing scenarios.

Mistake #4: Uninviting Kiosks

While most kiosk designs are inviting, some are downright ugly. Don’t purchase an unattractive self-service kiosk; very few people will want to use it. In addition, consider the placement of your kiosk machine. Avoid installing kiosks in locations that will give your customers creepy vibes. Make sure each one is installed in a well-lit spot that feels inviting.

For Professional Kiosk Solutions, Turn To Us

Since your business depends on attractive, easy-to-use, inviting, and fully functional kiosks that your customers will want to engage with, you’ll probably benefit from the services of a company that knows how to correctly install and maintain all types of self-service kiosks and is available for emergency calls. Site Service Now is ready to help with all of your kiosk-related needs. Get in touch with us today!