In many business sectors, kiosks offer a great way for customers to interact with you, your business, your services, and your products. Kiosks can be used for everything from making reservations to ordering products. They’re useful as information centers, where customers can go to learn about your brand or to access FAQs, forms, customer service assistance, and much more.

It’s clear how a well-running, fully functioning touch-screen kiosk can help your business, but what do you do when it stops working? Suddenly you’re scrambling to get it working again, since your business relies so much on a fully operational kiosk with all of its features and interfaces functioning properly.

You’re busy running your business; you really don’t have time to drop everything and start debugging your malfunctioning kiosk. Where do you even begin?

There are much easier ways to solve your kiosk headaches than to try to repair a broken interactive booth yourself. Specialists are out there! Here are some options to consider.

Find A Qualified Kiosk Technician

Kiosk technicians receive ample training on a wide variety of kiosk types, including self-service and touch-screen, and they’re able to quickly test, diagnose, and repair a machine to get you and your business back up again quickly.

When you work with a team of technicians whose specialty is kiosk installation, maintenance, and repair, you will get excellent service, and you’ll get it quickly! With a good kiosk service provider, you’ll enjoy on-demand repair service with full documentation and real-time access to all the details recorded by a technician. You’ll also have access to a call center for technical support.

There is no reason to go it alone, especially if business is your specialty, not technology! Leaving the technical details of kiosk debug and repair to the specialists frees you up to tend to the other important day-to-day matters of running your business.

What’s more, having access to specialists who can handle kiosk repair in an emergency will give you peace of mind knowing that top-quality emergency field service technicians WILL be there for you when you need them, even if it’s the middle of the night or during a holiday.

Contract With A Kiosk Maintenance Service

Having a field service management contract in place for kiosk installations, service, and repairs offers numerous advantages. First, you can rely on expert help when you need it, wherever you are.

Our company, Site Services Now, is based in Portland, OR, but we have an extensive network of technicians available throughout the United States (including Puerto Rico) and Canada, so if a machine malfunctions in Florida, Wisconsin, or Ontario, we can service it!

Field service management contracts can offer numerous benefits to your kiosk-dependent business, including the following:

    • Ongoing Support: When you need new kiosks installed, qualified technicians will handle the job for you. When your current automated retail machines need maintenance of any kind, your contract can cover this ongoing support as well.
    • Logistics and Value-added Services: If your business needs integrated operations, as well as warehousing and transportation-related services, a field service management contract can take care of these aspects, too.
    • Surveying Sites For Installation: Do you need expert help with reviewing a site and analyzing its effectiveness for new kiosk installations? Field service technicians can help with this important task. They can check whether or not the space is large enough to accommodate your needs, and whether enough power is available to run your machines. All in all, kiosk technicians are able to determine the feasibility of potential sites and offer professional recommendations.
    • Installations: Whether you have one touch-screen kiosk or a hundred, professional kiosk technicians can complete full installations and get your machines running correctly within your schedule.
    • Preventative Maintenance: Did you know that technicians can do preventative maintenance, both in person and also from a distance through networks, to keep your self-service kiosks running smoothly? This is a great way to prevent future downtimes and maximize your profits!
    • Additional Services: Qualified kiosk technicians can help you with other tasks and solutions; they can do on-demand fixes, help you over the phone, perform remote diagnostics, do compliance audits, and more.

Get Professional Help For New Kiosk Installations

Installing a new machine is about much more than just placing it somewhere and plugging it in. Have you ever tried to install a new personal computer at home? Installing a kiosk is not much different! There are boot-up procedures to follow, tests to run, and in some cases, complicated software programs to install. It’s a job that’s best left up to the professionals to complete successfully.

For All Your Kiosk-related Solutions

We at Site Services Now dedicate ourselves to full-service maintenance, repair, and installation of all types of kiosks and automated retail machines, making it a point to be the go-to service provider for our clients’ kiosk-related solutions.

Even though we are based in Portland, OR, we service kiosks throughout all of the United States and Canada. If your business relies on kiosks and other automated interactive machines, get in touch with us for kiosk solutions you can count on!