Kiosks bring convenience and clarity wherever they are set up, and while many of them are placed indoors, lots of them live outside. Whether they display advertisements, help people buy tickets, or let people pull cash from their bank accounts, kiosks are extremely effective at bringing your business beyond your doors and allowing you to serve your customers outside of normal hours. In light of this, kiosks can be extremely valuable investments. However, if not handled correctly, outdoor kiosks can be a significant drain on your resources. At Site Services Now!, we have worked on a lot of outdoor kiosks, so we understand what it takes to make them successful.

What to Consider When Contemplating Outdoor Kiosks for Your Business

The key to making outdoor kiosks successful is thinking it through before moving forward. We are here to help you see the big picture so you can consider the future of your kiosks with confidence.

Can you afford an outdoor kiosk?

  • Because outdoor systems deal with more challenges than indoor systems, they require higher levels of engineering and materials that are more expensive. Doors must seal, surfaces must be powder coated twice, and all of this costs more money. However, it is worth investing in kiosks that have been made tough enough to put up with the outdoors. Otherwise, you can end up paying for a new kiosk way before you planned to.

Will the screens still show up in sunlight?

  • You don’t want your customers squinting and trying to shade the screens with their hands while trying to do business with you. You’ll need to invest in kiosks that come with bright monitors that have been rated for outdoor use. These monitors should also be able to dim and brighten depending on what time of day it is. These types of monitors can overheat if not cooled properly, so make sure your chosen kiosks are equipped to keep the screens running well.

Will the kiosks require specialized cleaning treatment?

  • All outdoor kiosks should be treated with a polyurethane protectant and a tough primer. Additionally, graphics should be made from climate-proof materials. That way, cleaning shouldn’t get more complex than soap and water. If a kiosk requires more TLC than that, it shouldn’t be outside.

How will the kiosk respond to extreme temperatures?

  • Whether it’s summer sun or winter wind, your outdoor kiosk will have to put up with it all. It should be made with materials that can stand up to the elements. It may also need to include a heating or air conditioning system to make sure it remains functional no matter what the temperature is. Having a clear understanding of your climate and the conditions in the kiosk’s specific location will help you decide how to equip it for success.

How will the kiosks connect to the Internet and power sources?

  • The outdoor kiosks you choose should have power hardwiring that matches local codes. As for the Internet, the kiosks should be able to connect to the internet through cellular data or Wi-Fi.

Is the kiosk vulnerable to water damage?

  • All outdoor kiosks are engineered to stand up a bunch of weather conditions. That being said, water is one of the most infamous enemies of outdoor kiosks. Consider investing in kiosks with compression locks, rain hoods, and specific shapes made to direct water off and away. It should have high-quality gasket work and go through testing before it’s shipped to you.

What if the kiosk gets vandalized?

  • An outdoor kiosk is in a somewhat vulnerable position. While there’s no way to completely eliminate the chance of it being vandalized, there’s plenty of things that can be done to prevent anything from happening. It starts with the kiosk’s position. Make sure it’s in a place that will discourage vandals. You can also install a camera to make vandals think twice. Beyond that, look for kiosks with tough materials, tempered glass, and finishes that can resist tampering.

What lifespan can you expect for your chosen type of kiosk?

  • As with any appliance, the conditions around a kiosk have a big impact on how long it will last. Depending on where you place a kiosk and what type of traffic it gets, it can run trouble-free for seven months or seven years. The key is consulting with people who know what they’re doing so that your kiosks are placed in optimal locations.

Do you have a good location to install a kiosk?

  • It doesn’t work to simply place a kiosk outside your business. All kiosks require level concrete foundations. You should also look into codes put in place by your city or town to make sure you’re allowed to put a kiosk in your chosen location.

Can you handle the maintenance required to keep an outdoor kiosk running?

  • Outdoor kiosks generally a little extra maintenance, such as ensuring the vents haven’t gotten blocked. Depending on the unit you choose, it may have filters that need to be changed out periodically or other tasks that keep it running at its best. That is where we can make a huge difference for you.

Let Us Maintain Your Outdoor Kiosks

Outdoor kiosks can take your business’s functionality to the next level, but they need to keep running at their best. Site Services Now! is proud to provide field service management that can be on-the-spot for you as soon as your kiosks start to have trouble. We are here to make sure that your kiosks are able to represent your business with excellence. Contact us for on-site kiosk maintenance today.