If you are the owner of one or more kiosks or other point-of-sale equipment, you know that your success depends on your equipment staying up and running. After you have invested all that money into designing and building what may be a completely custom solution for your particular application, the last thing you want is to fail to achieve your objectives with that equipment. One of the ways that you can be effective at doing this is to have a field service management company do all the practical work and service calls to your kiosk. It may seem like you’re taking on an expense to do this, but it’s actually possible that you may be costing yourself more money by NOT using a field service management company. Here are the top 4 reasons why it could cost you.

1. Your Kiosk Maintenance Is Not Scalable

It may seem feasible to send one of your own technicians out to service the kiosk every time it needs attention when you only have two or three kiosks that are all geographically close to each other. However, this becomes impossible to duplicate if you then want to scale that solution and offer the same service to customers in multiple locations or nationwide. When that’s the case, you need a company that can provide nationwide service to you. Site Services Now! is just that kind of company, with a nationwide provider who can pay a site visit to your equipment when and where you need it.

2. You Pay the Opportunity Cost When Your Workers Get Taken Away from Their Jobs

When you use your own employees to service the kiosk, it probably means that their kiosk visit is not their typical job, but just the way they spend that particular day. Whenever someone does something that is outside of their normal routine, they typically take longer to do it than they would take if they had a practiced routine in place. This is inefficient, and you’re probably paying that worker for their travel time and mileage as well. How much better would it be if you could simply outsource this work to someone who is doing this as their regular job? Your site visits will be conducted smoothly, regularly, and efficiently, at a fair and competitive price to you.

3. Your Kiosk May Suffer Unnecessary Downtime

Keeping your kiosk online is a huge part of making sure that your income keeps flowing. Even one day of unforeseen or avoidable downtime of your kiosk can be costly, not only for that particular day’s lost business, but also for future occasions. When customers try to interact with your kiosk and conclude that it is broken, they may never return to make the attempt again, and they may also form a negative impression of your company and brand based on their non-optimal experience. Every kiosk needs regular maintenance, and if your current model of site visits is not going forward according to schedule, this could result in a failure of key components that leads to downtime.

4. Repairs May Take Longer Than Necessary

It’s a mistake to merely hire a general handyman or person with a mixture of mechanical and IT skills to do your kiosk maintenance. For instance, if you go on craigslist to get someone who claims to be a jack of all trades, it’s quite possible that they would possess the full skillset for the tasks that they need to do on your kiosk. However, if kiosk repair is not their specialty, they’ll encounter a learning curve and they won’t have any training. When they need a certain part, they might not know where to find it, costing you valuable time while they Google it and search through the shops in town. You’ll either get a full solution that takes extra time, or a quick, cobbled-together solution that is sub-optimal. Neither one of these scenarios is good when you could have had a trained technician who is adept at any kind of kiosk repair task.

Choose Site Services Now! for All Your Kiosk Solutions

When you need kiosk repair, you deserve to have a solution that’s fast, scalable, and competitive. Keep your kiosk up and running and make sure it has the necessary maintenance and repairs when you outsource the job to Site Services Now! We look forward to serving you. Contact us to get started.