When you have deployed multiple kiosks across many different locations, either in one region or scattered far and wide geographically, one of the things that presents a puzzle is the ability to make efficient visits from site to site. Whether you need to visit the site to make repairs, retrieve data from the system, or do clerical tasks like refill the paper on the kiosk’s printer, it can take a lot of time, energy, and plain old driving time to make all the rounds. Before long, you’ll be caught up in route logistics: finding the logical and shortest distance between two points.

The success of each kiosk depends on its staying online (not out of order) to deliver an amazing customer service experience to each client. Your site visits play a big part in ensuring that that’s the case for all your machines. But how do you perform your site visits efficiently and accurately? Here are some tips and solutions from our field services management company.

1. Make your site visit plan flow out of the bedrock of your overall goals and objectives.

If you schedule site visits to your kiosk, point of sale equipment, or digital signage only when something breaks, you’ll end up finding your kiosk support strategy to be more costly than it should be. Not only that, but you could miss the opportunity to perform preventive maintenance on your equipment that could have spared you costly repairs and downtime.

On the other hand, if you randomly schedule a regular monthly visit to your site with no clear goals in mind or no clear reason for that particular frequency of visit, you still could be wasting time and money. Instead, know what your big-picture goals and objectives are and what is the overall scope of support that each machine needs. Then define your site visit strategy accordingly.

2. Plan out a route that involves the least possible amount of geographic backtracking.

It goes without saying that if you have several pieces of equipment in one city, one section of town, or one shopping mall, you should visit them all on that particular trip instead of having to go back and forth to sites that might spread out at large distances. Plot the locations on a map and schedule a route that takes the most direct course from one site to the next.

This is harder to do if you have emergency field service visits crop up, or sites whose maintenance schedules are out of sync with other nearby sites. In those situations, harness the power of technology. One of the nicest luxuries you can have at your disposal in those moments is an app that can quickly plot out the most logical route for you to travel to be as efficient as possible. The mobile app by Site Services Now! gives you just that, allowing you to solve the route logistics puzzle quickly and effortlessly.

3. Track your route performance.

Theoretical performance and actual performance can be two very different things, so it’s vital to track what’s actually being accomplished, which route your drivers are taking, and how long each site visit takes. This will allow you to pivot your scheduling strategy if necessary.

4. Outsource your site management to a field service specialist.

If the constant visits to your kiosk sites become burdensome for you and your internal team to perform effectively, a great option that you can take advantage of is to hire a field services management company for the care of your equipment.

Site Services Now! is just such a company, offering you a nationwide network of professionals who can take these tasks off your plate. We do it all, from initial site surveys to installation to data retrieval to ongoing support and maintenance. Furthermore, when you choose someone who has a nationwide network of personnel, it reduces the number of vendors you have to deal with. Once you have a service who can handle all your site visits from start to finish, we will be the ones who have to solve the puzzle of route logistics — and trust us, we’re very good at.

Streamline and simplify your life with Site Services Now! We are a nationwide field service management company offering kiosk service and much more. Contact us to get started today.