Woman going through self-service kiosks at a transportation center.

Your kiosk is an important part of your business success. It helps you reach more customers and enables you to make sales and disseminate information automatically, in the process saving your business money each year.

But for your kiosk to serve you well, it needs to be up and running 24/7! When you maximize its uptime, you will be able to access more customers and make more sales.

Read on for several solutions that will help keep your kiosk online longer!

Keep Your Kiosks Clean

Whether you have a touch-screen kiosk or one that doesn’t get handled very much, it’s important to keep the machine clean.

When people are touching screens, keyboards, keypads, and other kiosk components, they get dirty, and they wear out, too, over time. Keep kiosks clean to keep them working properly and to create a better user experience.

Even for kiosks that don’t get touched by hands very much, it’s important to keep them clean. Dust and other dirt particles can get inside and wreak havoc with the electronics. A clean machine, on the other hand, will work more reliably for you.

Update Your Machines With Current Software

Just like with your phones and laptop computers, software updates happen often. If you ignore these updates, eventually it may catch up with you. It’s possible that you’ll be left with a kiosk that’s no longer working because you missed an important software update. Especially with older machines, make sure to update them with the latest programs.

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Contract Out Reliable Maintenance Service

For many business owners, retail kiosk solutions involve some sort of maintenance service agreement. Without this, what will you do when one of your self-service kiosks goes down? You can’t call the neighborhood electrician or HVAC specialist and hope they can get your kiosk working again!

Kiosk repair solutions involve specific specialties. To get your self-service or touch-screen kiosk working again (or simply updated with the latest software), you’ll need to work with someone who specializes in these particular machines.

This is why Site Services Now exists! We handle kiosk repairs and provide both field service management services and emergency field services to help our customers who rely on their kiosks for daily business transactions. We can send a specialist to your location anywhere in the United States or Canada!

Schedule Your Service Call Today

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