When you manufacture kiosks, automatic retail equipment, or other point-of-sale solutions, your commitment to your clients runs deep. You are there to deliver excellent quality, and you know how to make kiosks that delight both your customers and their customers. However, your clients may not always be set up to handle the technical aspects of installing, managing, and maintaining the kiosks that they have bought from you. What’s more, you may not be set up for these tasks either. If you sell equipment to people nationwide and you don’t have the bandwidth to send a technician for installation and service visits all over the country, you may be looking for a solution for how to provide this service. In this blog post, we’d like to take a look at all the different areas where outsourcing can save you money, make your service infinitely scalable, and delight your customers.

Outsourcing The Entire Field Management Of Your Equipment

A good field service management company can take a load off your shoulders and make sure that you always have the manpower you need to cover any customer request. If your customers aren’t extremely handy or tech savvy, let them focus on what they do best—selling. They’ll be overjoyed to have a convenient solution for all the nuts and bolts of installing and maintaining their kiosk equipment through every routine and emergency maintenance need.

When you need a seamless, turnkey solution, a field service management company like Site Services Now! can take over all the aspects of caring for a piece of equipment, from packing, delivering, and installation to ongoing maintenance.

Site Surveys

Before installing any piece of equipment, it’s standard practice to conduct a site survey. However, what if you don’t have any boots on the ground in the area where the installation is supposed to take place? A trained technician from Site Services Now! can visit the site anywhere in the US and make a professional evaluation. When you need an accurate assessment of the size of the site, availability of power, need for any remodeling, and other vital data points, contact us for your site survey.


Let’s face it: not everyone knows how to bolt a kiosk to the floor or to the wall, or how to install the components in a way that will optimize the security and usability of the equipment. However, you don’t want to use just any technician who has general construction or handyman skills. You need someone who has the training and respect for the fact that the kiosk contains sensitive electronic equipment that could be compromised by rough handling. Site Services Now! can provide you with the skilled technicians who can do a kiosk installation and follow best practices.

Ongoing Routine Maintenance

Just like your vehicle needs an oil change to keep running properly, your kiosk needs certain maintenance tasks to be performed according to the schedule you specify. Rather than having to make service calls to your equipment every time a scheduled maintenance comes due, or leaving your client without any maintenance service calls at all, why not turn to the trusted folks at Site Services Now? We can make these maintenance calls on schedule, perform the needed tasks with skill and excellence, and provide real-time reporting to every party who needs to know what was done.

Emergency Service and Repair

If the unthinkable happens and a client calls you with an emergency need for their equipment, you may not have the flexibility to just drop everything and send a kiosk mechanic their way. However, there is a solution. When you partner with Site Services Now, you will have a network of proven service providers who can make the needed visit to that client and resolve their situation. An unhappy client can do a lot of damage to your brand online, but you can turn around their situation by directing them to a provider who can arrive fast, diagnose the issue, source the correct parts, and leave them happy at the end of the day.

Stay Covered By Partnering With Our Field Service Management Company Today

Site Services Now! has partnerships with major kiosk manufacturers in the United States to provide end-to-end kiosk service. Ensure that each of your kiosks is in good hands from the moment it leaves your doors. Contact Site Services Now! for a quote.