Deploying a kiosk is an exciting adventure, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. However, even when you have many successfully-deployed kiosks under your belt, you’ll still realize that there are many challenges and obstacles that you have to navigate successfully in order for the deployment to run smoothly. Here are some things that our nationwide field service management company would like you to be aware of as you walk into the deployment stage of your kiosk project. A successful deployment can mean the difference between a profitable launch and one that’s full of headaches. That’s why it’s important to have the right team on your side for some of the technical tasks involved with the deployment. Here are a few things you should keep in mind in planning for and executing your kiosk deployment.

1. Account for all the stakeholders

For most companies, deploying a kiosk is not just a project for one person’s desk. There are almost always multiple people involved. Some of them are decision makers; others are people in your company who will be affected by the kiosk’s success or failure, and others are people who you’ll have to report to.

The stakeholders have most likely been involved at some level at every phase of the project, and the deployment of the kiosk is no different. From the executives to the salespeople, there will be different needs and expectation by different parties, and you’ll have to have a strategy that takes into account all the different requests that will be flying your direction.

Another important stakeholder is the staff of the facility or location where you plan to install the kiosk, especially if your kiosk is going to be set up on someone else’s property. This is fairly common with kiosks, and being able to work closely with the store owner or facility manager is an important ability. Make sure that you set their expectations accurately and create clear, open channels of communication with them in order to lay the groundwork for a good, long-lasting working relationship.

2. Account for the installation tasks

Installing a kiosk is not just a matter of “putting it there.” There are a lot of hardware components and technical skills involved in making sure that the kiosk gets set up securely, hooked up correctly, wired in to the power supply, and connected to the internet. This requires a good deal of hardware, tools, and knowledge of how to do the job right. However, before you even get to this step, you’ll typically want to conduct a site survey. In the site survey, you’ll develop a detailed awareness of everything that will be needed for the kiosk installation. This should cover everything from accounting for a way to anchor the kiosk to the ground to installing video camera coverage of the kiosk area, if necessary.

Whatever the kiosk installation entails, you’ll want to make sure that you have a team of people who are prepared and ready to do all the tasks that are required, with all the tools and supplies that they’ll need, and the knowledge base for wiring, drilling, and so forth. You can count on Site Services Now for all your kiosk installation work, nationwide.

Don’t forget to account for the amount of time needed for the installation. This is particularly true if your kiosk deployment consists of multiple units. It may seem like getting everything done will just be “a few minutes more” for each additional unit, but when tasks multiply, they simply take up time. Don’t cut yourself short or stress yourself out by underestimating the time it will take to get everything set up and potentially missing the launch deadline.

3. Set up a regular maintenance and repair schedule

Once you deploy your kiosks, they won’t simply work endlessly with no attention. You’ll want to set up a regular maintenance and repair schedule that will enable you to enjoy a nicely-functioning kiosk for a long time to come. The exact schedule you choose will depend on the hardware and software components of your kiosk, but typical maintenance tasks might be changing printer paper and ink cartridges, fixing a cracked screen, troubleshooting a wiring issue, or replacing a hardware component.

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