If you have had kiosks deployed in the field for any amount of time, you will undoubtedly have run into the need for site service management. Every kiosk needs repair, maintenance, and service from time to time, and whether it is a simple issue like replacing the paper in your kiosk’s printer, or a complicated repair for a kiosk that’s out of order, your field service professionals can take a load off your shoulders and make your life a lot easier by making that visit for you so that you don’t have to. However, not everyone realizes that they will need site service management when they deploy a kiosk, and there are a lot of misconceptions floating around out there that we’d like to dispel. In this blog post from our nationwide field service management company, we’ll debunk three common myths about site service calls for your kiosk.

Myth 1. There’s only marginal value in having field service management for my kiosk.

It never makes sense in business to put money into something unless you’re going to get a valid return for your expenditure. Many kiosk owners don’t fully take into account the amount that it will cost to keep a new kiosk up and running, partly because sometimes those costs are unknown, and partly because it’s easy to think of a new kiosk the way we think of a new car — it’s something we assume won’t need any attention for several years at least. However, if your kiosk goes down, that represents loss of income to you. Your field service technicians can help you to prevent this from happening so that you can keep your income flowing and your customers happy.

Myth 2. If I hire an outside firm to do my kiosk service, they won’t care about my machine as much as we would.

Here at Site Services Now!, we take great pride in treating each and every piece of equipment with the care and attention that we would want someone to provide to us. We don’t just want our customers to be satisfied, we want you to be raving mad fans of our service, and we aim to earn that level of trust in the quality of work that we provide on every job.

Myth 3. It’ll be a hassle to cobble together the network of service technicians that I’ll need for my kiosks in various locations.

If your kiosks are scattered across a large geographical area, it’ll be harder for you to arrange for consistent site visits to each one. And if you deploy a new kiosk to a brand-new location, it can be hard to locate a new service technician in the new site. That’s why you need to turn to the field management service with the nationwide network of technicians. Site Services Now! is your one-stop source for kiosk management.

Contact Site Services Now! for kiosk installation, service, maintenance, and repair. We can help you to make sure that your site service management gives you value, takes care of your equipment, and makes it easy for you to get service anywhere in the country. Contact us today to get started.