Self-service kiosks can offer benefits to a ton of different industries including banking, healthcare, manufacturing, government, education, and many more. While these kiosks can be extremely handy, they are constantly touched by different hands, meaning that they can get quite dirty. Depending on the industry you are in and how busy your facility gets, these self-service kiosks can be touched by thousands of hands a day.

As we slowly, hopefully, come closer to the end of this pandemic, people may begin to get a little more relaxed with their cleaning and sanitizing habits. But that shouldn’t be the case! If you have a kiosk in your facility, be sure to keep it clean to stop the spread of germs and help keep everyone safe and healthy.

In this blog, we are going to talk about some kiosk cleaning tips that can help ensure you do the job correctly. If you need any kiosk repairs, maintenance, or any other services, be sure to contact our team at Site Services Now! We will help you get your kiosk working properly again and can provide emergency services. Read on for cleaning tips and get in touch today!

Clean Regularly

Self-service kiosks with touch screens should be cleaned daily to help prevent germs from spreading, remove grime, and help ensure your kiosk remains in great shape for a longer period of time. Even kiosks that just have buttons need to be cleaned for the same reasons. While we know that the last thing you want to do after a long and busy day is clean your kiosks, it really will help keep your machine running smoother, lasting longer, and keep everyone healthier.

How to Clean

While you may be tempted to just spray some Windex on your kiosk and call it good to go, you should take a little extra care when cleaning it. These machines are not something you want to be replaced regularly, so be sure to properly maintain them and clean them to help them last longer.

  • Use the Right Cloth: Be sure to use the right kind of cloth to clean your kiosk screen. A lint-free microfiber cloth is a great option! Never use abrasive materials, including paper towels, rags, or other cloths. Using the wrong kind of cloth could lead to damage to the screen’s surface.
  • Use the Right Cleaner: It is best to start the cleaning process by wetting a soft, lint-free cloth with soap and water, squeezing excess liquid from it, and wiping down the screen. Once that dries, use an approved cleaner and a new cloth to disinfect and give the screen a good clean. Never use a highly concentrated solution to clean your screen. These can be too harsh for your screen and damage your kiosk. Avoid cleaning solutions with ammonia. Thinner, benzine, strong solvents, acids, and other harsh ingredients should be avoided.
  • Be Careful: When it comes to cleaning your kiosk, it may seem like a simple task; however, you want to be very careful to ensure that you do not get any water or cleaning solution on the screen or in the kiosk itself. If you use too much cleaning product or don’t squeeze out excess water, it could seep into the screen and damage your kiosk. To avoid this issue, be sure to wring the water out of the cloth and spray any cleaning product onto the cloth rather than directly on the screen.

If you do happen to damage your kiosk while cleaning it, be sure to get in touch with Site Services Now! to get your kiosk repaired and up and running in no time!

Why It Matters

While keeping areas clean, especially in healthcare facilities, schools, and other locations like this, should always be a huge priority, in the wake of the pandemic, keeping highly used surfaces clean should be even more important. Spreading germs is easier than we may realize, which is why it is so important to clean all surfaces and disinfect them often.

Plus, keeping the screens or keypads of your kiosk clean can help prevent wear and tear and keep them lasting longer. By properly maintaining and cleaning your kiosks, you will be able to ensure fewer issues occur. But if you ever do run into an issue, our team can help.

Keeping your kiosk clean doesn’t have to be hard. While it may seem like a lot of extra work, it will only offer benefits! Be sure to follow these tips to properly clean your kiosk and avoid any unnecessary issues. If you ever need your kiosk repaired, be sure to contact our team. We will provide quick and efficient services, getting your kiosk up and running again in no time! Learn more about the services that Site Services Now! offers and get in touch.