Kiosks and automated retail machines come with a variety of technical needs. From the day that the machine leaves the factory floor until the day that it is finally retired, there will be a multitude of needs that require a technician’s attention. These needs range from the initial site survey and installation to the preventive maintenance and repair over the machine’s lifespan. However, when it comes to getting a technician, you may not have clear path for how to find the personnel to accomplish the work you need done. Your kiosk may be located miles away from you, making it a struggle to locate and hire someone you trust to work on your equipment. In this blog post, we’d like to explore the best way for you to find a technician for your kiosk.

Method 1: Send Out Your Own Technicians

This method works best for companies who have kiosks that are located within a reasonable geographical radius. Keeping someone on the payroll with the technical skills to service your machines can make a lot of sense, but it can come with some drawbacks, too.

  • It is less scalable. Expanding your operations to another city or state can cause you to have to pay for a lot of travel expenses for your in-house technician.
  • It requires a certain minimum number of kiosks. If you only have a few kiosks, you won’t have enough work to keep one technician employed full time, putting you at risk that the person you have carefully selected and hired will move on.

Method 2: Use Craigslist or the Yellow Pages

For a one-off job to repair or service a kiosk in a place where you don’t have a local office, you could turn to craigslist or the yellow pages to find a handyman or technician who can do the job. However, this method, too, comes with certain downsides.

  • The person may not be trained for your exact needs. If they’re saying to themselves, “I bet I can figure it out,” you will have to give detailed instructions. This can put the quality of the job at risk.
  • You won’t necessarily have insight into the quality of the job the person did. The last thing you want is to pay for service to be done that results in needing even more repairs before you know it.
  • It’s harder to find someone who stands behind their work. If you try to call your technician back to complain, they may never pick up the phone again.
    Even if you find a great, reputable technician in one location, it doesn’t help you to find the right person to help you in another location.

Method 3: Outsource Your Need to a National Site Service Company

When you need a technician anywhere in the US for your automated retail equipment or kiosk, you do have one more option. It’s possible to contact one central location who can deploy a trained, competent field technician anywhere in the country that your kiosk is located. This model can save you time and spare you frustration in several areas.

  • You have a company who stands behind their work, who won’t just disappear overnight.
  • You have the luxury that someone else has already trained the technician on the jobs they’ll need do, such as site surveys, kiosk installation, preventive maintenance, data collection, and other logistics.
  • You get insight into exactly what was done, what quality of work was performed, and all the real-time data that comes with that technician’s labor.
  • You get the convenience of a one-stop location. Make one phone call or online inquiry, and get a technician sent anywhere in the country.

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