If your company has deployed one or more kiosks or automated retail machines, you have undoubtedly run into a situation where you needed a repair to be done on your equipment. In that process, you may have discovered that kiosk repair can be an ever-changing adventure (to put it positively). Unlike a standardized product such as a laptop, a kiosk is a customized piece of equipment built for a very specific purpose. Depending on the manufacturer, the final working product can be a cobbled-together hodgepodge of individual parts from multiple vendors. While it looks streamlined and snazzy on the outside, the inside is a different story.

When something breaks, you’d think that it would be as easy as swapping out the part, but it isn’t always that simple. No one makes that particular LCD screen anymore, or that piece of hardware is out of date and can’t be found, or you have to modify six pieces just to get the one new piece to be compatible with everything. Kiosks are a small enough niche that there isn’t exactly a thriving aftermarket industry providing parts for every conceivable malfunction the way there is for your vehicle when it breaks down. You’re often left to improvise and continue to cobble parts together in order to get your machine back online, and good luck to you if you don’t have a resourceful and innovative repair technician.

If you have to have someone build you a custom solution every time something on your kiosk breaks down, you’ll be suffering from excessive downtime and paying high costs for repairs. After all, it’ll be the person’s time, and a highly-skilled person at that.

What’s the solution, then?

It’s road maps.

We would suggest using a kiosk manufacturer who has a road map that looks ahead to the future and plans for what will be needed to keep your equipment running. You’d think every kiosk manufacturer would operate this way, but not all of them do. Your best bet for a long-lived kiosk is when the manufacturer can show how they will provide ongoing parts and support once crucial elements reach the end of their typical lifespan.

But what if it’s too late?

Your kiosk wasn’t made with a road map in mind. Its cobbled-together pieces were never really designed to function as a unit but were pulled together into a working kiosk. How do you get it fixed when it breaks down?

The solution: Turn to Site Services Now! for kiosk repair nationwide.

Even if the internal workings of your kiosk are an elaborate train wreck, we have the service technicians and personnel who can pay a repair visit to your equipment and do whatever it takes to get you back up and running. What’s even better is that Site Services Now! has you covered throughout the United States. With our extensive network of field service management experts, you’ll have a solution you can count on when you choose Site Services Now!

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