Deploying a kiosk is an exciting thing to do, but most of the time, you won’t deploy just one. If you have more than one kiosk, and especially if you have a bunch of kiosks scattered across a wide geographical area, you’ll need to have a plan for how to pay regular service calls to each kiosk. Keeping your kiosks in good working order is important to avoid downtime and to make sure that your customers always see your brand as something that’s turned on and working correctly. Putting in place a strategy for regular field service visits to your kiosk requires you to create a system for it.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to hand off the field service management of your kiosks to a company like Site Services Now! Our nationwide network of providers gives you the peace of mind that your kiosk will always be visited on schedule by a qualified technician who can provide you with needed maintenance, repair, or upgrades. Our work is made simpler because we use a field service management mobile app that helps to coordinate and streamline these efforts.

About Our Field Service Management Mobile App

Here are some of the ways that our mobile app works. If you’re looking for site visits to an existing kiosk or a site survey at the location of a proposed kiosk installation, please contact us.

Submit a work order

Our field service management mobile app allows you to transmit data into the field, requesting a technician to pay a site visit to your kiosk. Need to specify detailed information, include a checklist, or make specific requests as part of your work order? No problem! Our technicians are equipped with the app on their devices, so everything will be at hand and available while they’re on site. It’s our goal to ensure that the work will be done according to specifications and nothing will be forgotten.

Collect data from the field

When a technician visits your kiosk to perform a scheduled maintenance task or repair, you’ll want to know all about their visit. The mobile app will document their visit and collect all the important data about their visit. Here are some of the pieces of information that the field service management mobile app can collect and attach to the work order.


The metadata about your technician’s visit includes the geolocation of the site where they were working and the time stamp.


Clients will often want specific pictures of the job that was completed. This may be a before-and-after shot to corroborate that the work was done correctly, photographs of the surroundings and immediate vicinity of the kiosk, or detailed close-ups of damage, such as a scratch or scuff mark that may or may not be interfering with the kiosk’s functionality. When you get these pictures from the service visit, you’ll want them to be all organized and stored in one logical place, and that’s exactly what the app does to


Drawings are often necessary in situations where a photograph is not useful or possible, such as when a proposed repair requires you to visualize something that hasn’t yet been done. Drawings can be useful in initial site surveys where you’re planning to install a kiosk as well.


Often, the answer to a question about your kiosk can be fulfilled by performing a simple measurement.

  • Why does the door keep running into the kiosk? Can we move it back a bit? How many inches do we have to work with?
  • Why doesn’t the cord reach the outlet? How much more cord do we need?
  • Is the height of the kiosk’s touch screen or keyboard compatible with the ADA’s recommendations for accessibility to people with disabilities? Is it still compatible after we’ve installed it on that brick platform?

Collecting these measurements can make the difference between one decision and another, and the field service app makes it easy to do that.


Notes from the service call are invaluable, as they can often be a source of insight and interest into the reason why work was performed the way it was, any potential hazards that could pose a threat, and any pieces of equipment that will need service soon.

Upload everything to the cloud

Since everything in the app will also sync automatically to the cloud, you’ll have real-time access to everything there is to know about your kiosk. Streamline your kiosk’s support strategy with field service management from Site Services Now! We look forward to serving you.