In today’s society, we all want to improve processes. The reason we want to improve processes is because we want to save time. We want to save time so we can get more work done in a day, which ultimately maximizes our income and the bottom line. This allows us to have more time to enjoy life, which is why we work in the first place.

Site Services Now was founded in 2014 in order to help you speed up your business with kiosk services and solutions. From kiosk installation to kiosk maintenance, repair, and emergency services, we offer an all-encompassing project management solution for retailers who want a kiosk installed but don’t want the hassle involved in doing so. We can handle the whole kiosk installation service from start to finish and beyond with a kiosk maintenance program that will prevent downtimes. Below, we’ll go over a bit more about the kiosk machine itself and why it’s a great way to grow your business. Contact our kiosk installation company today to get started!

History of a Kiosk Machine

The kiosk machine has its roots in the vending machine, which first made an appearance in the 1880s, selling postcards, gum, candy, and stamps. Now, picture basically a box where someone would put their money in and then take the item. This was the first time customers were able to buy something without the aid of a physical person. While you’d see vending machines around, they weren’t all that popular, partly due to the limited amounts of items they sold. In fact, some think the idea of a vending machine may have completely died if it weren’t for the advent of ATMs.

A cash machine was invented in the 1960s, but because it had to do with money, no one trusted these contraptions. Plus, the whole idea of self-service was unpopular, taking gas stations many years to convince people to switch over from full-service to self-service. Banks persevered and innovated the ATM machine, or the automated teller machine, which quickly became popular mainly due to the limited hours of banks in the 1970s. Soon, the airlines discovered they could install a self-service ticket vending machine/kiosk, which saved consumers time and the airlines money. Truly now, it was only a matter of time for people to get used to the idea. In fact, with the invention of UPC (university product code) in the 1970s, grocery store self-checkout became a reality.

The First Interactive Self-Service Kiosk

Site Services Now notes that the first interactive self-service kiosk was created in 1977 and was an information kiosk at the University of Illinois that conveyed student course schedules, on-campus events, and more. This machine was so popular that 30,000 students stood in line for hours to try it in the first six weeks.

Like most innovations, it was only a matter of time before they took off. A shoe company pioneered the idea of kiosks in its stores to allow customers to look for shoes in neighboring stores. This grew to 600 kiosks, and eventually customers could order the shoes from the kiosks and have them shipped to their home (pre-Amazon, if you will). Information kiosks were the norm with even national parks and museums getting involved to install kiosks at visitor information centers. The kiosk machine is here to stay, and who knows what the future will hold for these handy-dandy, innocuous little devices that make our lives easier?


Kiosk Installation

While kiosk machines are handy-dandy tools that we use everyday to gather information and purchase our lunch with, they can still be bulky and hard to maneuver, making kiosk installation not much fun. When you partner with Site Services Now, we’ll handle your kiosk installation and setup so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Kiosk Maintenance

Like all machines, kiosks can break. And when they do, most business owners just see the dollars start spinning, because either they lose revenue or their staff has to work harder, doing their job and the job the kiosk machine was doing. Our field service management team is standing by, ready to handle your kiosk maintenance needs. We even offer preventative maintenance programs, eliminating kiosk malfunction headaches altogether.

Kiosk Project Management Solutions

If you want a complete hands-off approach to kiosk service, we offer a kiosk project management program for you. We will handle your entire kiosk installation, maintenance, product launch, and troubleshooting for the life of your kiosk machine. If you want your kiosk machine to run on autopilot because you have too much to manage already, call Site Services Now for a free estimate.


Site Services Now offers the best kiosk services, from kiosk installation, field service management, and emergency kiosk repair service. We’ve got all of your needs covered. Our mission is to ensure your kiosks not only stay up and running, bringing you valuable revenue, but also that you don’t have to worry about them. Contact our kiosk installation company today to get started!